IA has drastically changed this year, the way marketers develop strategies and tactics. When consumers contact a company, personalization isn’t a chatbot waiting to talk to an agent.

A successful personalization marketing strategy involves digital marketing with a fluid and natural interaction, where the user can easily move to different channels as chat customer service phone call, or be transferred to the person in charge.

An important aspect is that customers want help, but they don’t want to interrupt what they are doing. These three steps are crucial to develop a good personalization marketing strategy:

1. Immediate customer service: Customer service needs to be quick, and efficient with the user needs and preferences. For example, Xbox launched its personalized Xbox Design lab. People here make their dream controller with their preferences through a website.

2. Communication through different communication channels: Users need information according to their touch points. For this reason, this lab involves other communication channels to make a comfortable journey in the customer experience.

3. Transform experiences into feelings for customer experience: After finishing the experience with the product, is highly important to let the emotion in the user to make experiences into feelings, and possible new purchases.

For Xbox Design Lab, different users share proudly their products, this makes the conversation around social media with their own style and preferences for the ready now, and ready later customers on the brand.