Marketing and communications are usually divided into marketing agencies and media. The displeasure between editorial and marketing teams is common because each team just focuses on its success. 

This happens because the synergy between teams is broken from the visual key, palette, or tone of voice. In that way, the success or failure of a campaign depends on every detail in the ads or content marketing. 

Evaluating formats at the elemental level includes practicing in daily life all these fields of knowledge that at some point professionals forgot as semiology, linguistics, and sociology. When we get adapted and apply those in our campaigns.  We connect with our audiences through writing and speaking, gaining attention and reaching truly persuasive communication.

Fire in the word means being genuine and authentic in every step in the campaign for the brand, focusing on the details, that matter, every action reacts and, in this business, a good approach become in amazing results that start aligning communication, marketing, sales, and design teams.