The procedure of experiments in marketing takes sampling, credibility and effectiveness to be considered successful. In April, N25, creative agency that I belong we developed an experiment that we can measured better with more knowledge.

The idea of marketing experiments born due to our team creativity. In the communications team, we though in create more services to offer for Children Sport. A brand that gives swimming classes to children from 0-9 years. After made a quantitative survey, we decided to implement yoga for kids with a master class before launched the service.

Live Invitation

In this case, the marketing objective for this experiment was:

  1. Increase brand visibility
  2. Persuade potential clients for start a new service (20 spots)

The class took 2 hours, our tools were:

  • Cobranding with yoga teachers and influencers as Nathaly Zota (porartedemagia)
  • Budget for ads
  • Banner and landing page in website
  • Discounts for early tickets
  • Calls to follow up the clients

Even this experiment was successful. This field experiment took only a post test, we didn’t take a before design, that could be a useful tool to knew if that was the right experiment to develop.