Data Costs

This figure showed the importance of planning, executing, and taking decisions through meaningful information in the marketing research process. After my reflection about the processes that I’ve watched I realized some common mistakes that marketers made in previous experiments that I had running with some brands:

  1. Don’t think of the interviewee: Before starting to plan and develop the marketing research, we have to consider the right audience, what motivated them to give an effective reward. 

Let’s be honest, we have been in the interviewee role too, and if a survey is not bringing us valuable awards, we don’t fill correctly. The survey has to be clear, and interactive.

  1. Time is valuable: This point is important, and it has to be related to the time average response from the sample. If a marketer needs valuable information, the quality questions, and average response has to be clear. Even if a person is free, they wouldn’t make things that involve more than an hour.

According to Checkmarket, the best day to send a survey is Monday in B2B segment and Tuesday in B2C segment:

Illustrative graphic

3. Transform information into knowledge: After exploring the information from the sample, it is important to clean the data, summarize the analysis and identify the pattern of responses to start to construct the insights. 

4. Find useful insights for the brand: Insights are gold for any brand, from that point, the marketing team could provide better ways to approach content, user responds, automatic messages, etc. When a brand correctly identifies, analyzes, and generates good decisions from the insights, market research starts to be an important partner.