Google ads offer paid advertising though the keywords used in our daily lives. When we start running our first campaign, one important question is if we are going to use short or long-tail keywords.

Short keywords are defined as phases composed of one or two words. On the other hand, long tail keywords are described as long sentences. In the first campaign, is highly recommended to use keywords that impact the campaign objective. 

  1. Thing as a customer: When we are running the first campaign, we overthink the keywords for the campaign thinking of optimizing the budget with great results. Instead, is better to develop the short and longtail keywords as a customer. If your campaign is dog training, keywords such as dog training near me, dog training pads, and dog training schools are some of the long keywords.
Search Example

2. Use questions for long tail keywords: Questions are important to bring answers though our services or products. Adding what or how we approach possible costumers.

Long Tail Keyword

3. Get support with keywords tools: Get support with keywords tools: Ubersuggest, longtailpro, or Semrush are some common tools to identify less competitive keywords in traffic conversion.

This search comes from UberSuggest

4. Keep in mind the copy:  Fire in the word for all the details in any campaign, the copy is powerful to engage, and headlines, descriptions, and extensions bring a sequence to click our ad. Copy is a powerful source in every campaign. In Google Ads, Search is crucial to appear, and convert. Let´s connect on Linkedin.